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If you consider yourself to be a strategy gamer and got hooked on classics such as Age of Empires, Civilization or the Total Wars series you’re definitely going to want to check out the insanely popular browser and mobile-based empire building game called Forge of Empires.

The game combines city building elements similar to SimCity that has the player progressing along a historical timeline. You will start out in the Stone Age with the potential to advance all the way to modern times and even a far-flung future where hypothetical new city technologies and advanced military units await you.

As your empire grows you will be able to unlock new technologies through the use of buildings in your cities with your research tree. This works as a point-based system that the player pays with Forge points. To build buildings in your city you will need plenty of supplies and coins which are earned ironically through the current buildings in your city. 

When you feel like your citizens are getting too cramped and there is no more room to expand your city then perhaps its time to start conquering new lands. Afterall what fun would a grand empire strategy game be without war?

forge of empires battleIn order to expand your Empire, you will need to take your army into combat in a turn-based strategy battle. If you pick the right troops to lead into battle and use the right strategy, with a little luck you will be the victor and secure a new territory on which two expand the land-hungry population of your growing Empire.

The strategic units in Forge of Empires fall into 1 of 5 classes of troops including heavy fighting forces, long-range artillery, light units, ranged force and your scout units or otherwise known as fast mobility troops.

All units in Forge of Empires have their own strengths and weaknesses, think rock, paper scissors when fighting against different types of troops. For instance, your light troops have an advantage against the enemies fast scouting units but are vulnerable when facing heavy units. The range troops have an edge against heavy units when fighting from afar but are weak to the heavy units in close range combat. 

There’s a complex player guild system in Forge of Empires which enables players to fight against other players and guilds for conquest and glory on a special guild map.

This game has many currencies of value but the most common 2 are coins and supplies. Your city produces coins and these can be used to create new buildings as well as unlock new tech. You can also use coins to train your troops and produce manufactured goods, and level up your army. So in order to be successful in Forge of Empires your going to want to make sure your city produces lots of coins.

The other major currency is supplies and these are made by buildings in your city and can be used similarly to coins for things like growing your city and building your forces. One of the more prestigious types of currency in the game are medals and you can earn these in player versus player battles. With medals, you will be able to purchase more land for your Empire.

If you have a lot of in-game friends your going to love this next current called tavern silver which is made believe it or in your tavern when you have other players sitting inside. Pretty neat right?  You will be able to use tavern silver for things like increasing your production, adventuring on guild expeditions and aiding in defense of your Empire.

Forge points are yet another in-game currency and the great thing about this one is you literally earn them just for playing the game at the rate of 1 per hour. If you need more though Forge points can also be purchased with coins that your city produces or by completing various Quests.

The highest valued currency in Forge of Empires is diamonds which can only be acquired by questing or using real money to purchase them. In order to buy the better buildings in the game, you will need diamonds and if you want to build an Empire to go down in history. Diamonds help with such tasks like speeding up the training your armies, reducing your building time or increasing the amount of land you have.

You are going to need a strong economy and that comes with your city building.  There are many different types of buildings to construct in your city and each one has a special purpose. They fall into several categories including production type buildings, goods-producing buildings, cultural buildings, decorative buildings, military buildings, and residential buildings, There are also grander and rarer buildings which are only awarded during events.

If you’ve ever played civilization you should be familiar with the wonder type building and Forge of Empires has the same kind called great buildings. These epic buildings take up more land but give rewards and bonuses on various things such as population production, extra supplies coins and so on.

One of the best parts of Forge of Empires is the developers hold live events at different times throughout the year which let the player earn special rewards like unique buildings. A lot of times the special events are held on holidays or during the change of seasons in the real world.

If you are a historical junkie or history was your favorite class in school then you’re going to love the historical questlines that have been added to Forge of Empires which star historical heroes from real life like Christopher Columbus, Galileo, Napoleon, Einstein, and others.

So what are other players saying about Forge of Empires? The reviews are pretty strong on this one with Google Play giving it 4.4 out of 5 stars and with over 600,000 players leaving a review. This shows the game has been well received with above-average gamer satisfaction.

So if you’ve ever had dreams of starting your own Empire from primitive times in the Stone Age and building it up to a massive futuristic powerhouse civilization to stand the test of time then what are you waiting for? Forge of Empires is calling your name!

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