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Guild Wars 2 is hands down one of the most successful role-playing games online today. If you’re looking for a new massive fantasy world to get immersed in with thousands of other players and an almost endless amount of content then look no further than this masterpiece.

The sequel to the original boasts features such as an ever-changing storyline and a dynamic quest system that offers players many adventures beyond this world.  This is an insanely popular online MMO with sales in the millions and is surpassed only by giants such as World of Warcraft and Runescape for the number of active players. You will not find a higher population in any other North American-based online RPG besides those two.

One of the stronger selling points of Guild Wars 2 is no subscription fee is required. This makes the game accessible for many people who cannot afford expensive monthly gaming fees. This also helps people play over a longer period of time because no cord cutting is ever required. There is a one-time purchase though upfront to start playing. There is also a fee to acquire each major expansion for the game.

If you played the original Guild Wars the first thing you will notice upon entering the fantasy world of Tyria is a major upgrade to the graphics engine. This includes a more immersive 3D environment under the Havoc physics engine.

In Guild Wars 2 you can choose to play one of five races from eight different classes. These are the Sylvari, Norn, Asura, Charr and of course as in most other RPG games Humans. Once you choose your character’s race and profession you can then customize him or her by choosing from 1 of 10 skills which will help define your character’s unique abilities.

Guild Wars 2 uses a skill-based system which allows a player to select the skills that best suit your play style. If you are a veteran of the original Guild Wars one of the first things you will notice is that the level cap has been raised to 80 from level 20. This is quite a jump but the developers have placed a major emphasis in not making the game too grind heavy. So, in general, reaching the level cap in Guild Wars 2 requires a lot less effort than most other grinding type MMO’s out there today.

The game world takes place 250 years after the original game so a lot has changed in terms of politics, borders and even the continents. The story revolves around five elder dragons who have lived underneath the world only to have recently awoken to create chaos across the lands.

Humans have been dealt a major setback with the destruction caused by the dragons as well as their war with the Charr. The Elder Dragon of ice has forced the Nordic Hunters of the North to migrate South. The tech-heavy Asura have been battling the minions of Primordus in the West which have forced them to find new ways to survive. Nearby in a forest, a new race has also emerged called the Sylvari. They have a mysterious connection with the elder dragons plaguing the world that has yet to be explained.

In the lands to the South, the continent of Cantha has reached a volatile state of chaos and has been cut off. The Lands of Elona are also in isolation and are just a former relic of their past glory due to a fierce conflict ravaging that continent. The Battle of Isles has been completely devastated by a massive tsunami.

As an adventurer entering the realms more than a quarter of a millennia later you will come across many new advanced technologies in the form of new skills, weapons, and armor. You will also encounter a new commonly spoken language across the realms. A lot can change in 250 years!

One unique feature of Guild Wars 2 is you will find game updates twice a month and larger patches or expansions a few times a year. In these update, you will find a constantly evolving world with new monsters, gear, and dungeons which help keep things fresh. Some of the major notable expansions for Guild Wars 2 include the Lost Shores which was released in 2012. This addon added an entirely new massive dungeon called Fractals of the Mist.

In 2013 there was another major expansion called the Flame and Frost: Prelude. This introduced several new features including a living story mode as well as new achievements. The other major updates for this base expansion include the Gathering Storm and The Razing. These added new elements to the game like an enhanced progression system and guild Missions. The final Flaming and Frost update was called Retribution and this added another dungeon, additional guild missions, guild banners and siege weapons.

With a stronger focus on the story in 2013, The Secret of Southsun was released which introduced new living story adventures. This update also added the ability to make traps in the battlegrounds as well as the introduction of an enhanced world experience system. If that’s not enough it also added new character abilities and an advanced tier of loot.

Other notable major expansions include the second season of The Living World: The Heart of Thorns expansion Season 3, The Living World: The Path of Fire Expansion and the Fourth Season of the Living world. The amount of content added since launch is just staggering and will leave the average player with more quests, dungeons, skills, and gear than you will ever have time to experience.

The ratings for Guild Wars 2  are off the charts with major review sites such as Metacritic giving it a 90 out of a 100 score. Gamespot gave it a 9 out of 10-star rating. IGN gave it A 9 out of 10-star rating and PC Gamer rated Guild Wars 2 at 94% rating which is very high by their standards.

So if you’re looking for a new online role-playing game that basically has everything you could possibly want in a massively multiplayer fantasy world than look no further as Guild Wars 2 certainly delivers an experience that is truly out of this world!

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