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If you are a fan of MMO games and also a Sci-Fi geek there may be no better adventure waiting for you than playing Star Trek Online. By far the most ambitious attempt at recreating the Star Trek universe into a single video game, you will feel fully immersed in a lifelike galaxy far far away.

I remember as a kid watching the original re-runs of the Star Trek television series after school and would never miss an episode unless there was some type of a dire emergency. Every Star Trek episode of the original series was literally an adventure outside of this world and included a cast of characters that have since joined the ranks of some the best Hollywood has ever produced.

So if you have ever had a dream of commanding your own Federation Starship get ready because now Star Trek online delivers on that promise.

With a 7 out of 10-star rating on Steam and over 9000 reviews, the game has been generally well-received by players. In the game, you will play as one of 3 factions including the Federation, Klingons or Romulans. The storytelling in Star Trek Online really stands out and it’s heavily entwined in the old school type of Star Trek lore.

The game starts out coming fresh off a breakup of the alliance of the Klingon Empire and Federation and this helps to create a perfect storm. Not only that but the Borg have regained ground and have become a serious threat to all factions.

As you play the game you will undoubtedly come across recognizable characters and familiar stories with many of the same named starships and characters of the Star Trek that you grew up with and loved.

Being the commander of your own ship is no easy task and it’s filled with a lot to learn but the user-friendly interface in Star Trek Online does help make it a breeze to grasp in no time at all. 

You will have to learn your starship’s inner workings like engineering, discovering the mysteries of the universe with your science systems and engaging in tactical ship-to-ship combat.

If you ever get cabin fever being out in space for too long you can always take a vacation and beam down to the nearest planet to begin a completely new adventure in first-person. In this mode, you can run around with your player and use weapons such as phasers and the various support skills pertaining to your class.

This game has a lot of action and you’re going to be battling it out in space between capital ships or gunning away on the surface of some alien planet most of the time. There are multiple races that you can play for each faction and a few include the Borg, Caitian, Trill, Gorn, Lethean, Nausicaan and Orion.

Star Trek Online has a comprehensive level up system for character development which includes a skill point and expertise credit system which can be spent in your skill trees in order to receive advancements.

There’s is also a complex crafting system in Star Trek Online where the player is able to collect particles and data samples in order to craft various useful items. A player can craft weapons, engines, and shields to name just a few. Star Trek Online also has a complex player economy featuring multiple currencies and rare equipment.

There is a cooperative teaming mode that allows you to play special missions with other players and there is also an exploration mode that lets you explore new star systems, discover new technologies and also brand new missions.

If you’re familiar with raiding in other MMOs you’re in luck because Star Trek Online has a feature called Fleet actions and this is basically the same thing where a large number of players will get together to take on giant missions that either take place in space or on planets.

Star Trek Online has received numerous updates through its lifespan and continues to do so in an ever-evolving Sci-Fi universe. The game world is constantly growing and includes a huge amount of new content since it’s initial release that has been added in the past 7 years. There is a lot more game here than the average player will ever have time to explore but it wouldn’t feel like Star Trek if this was not the case. There have been multiple expansion packs added also such as a Legacy of Romulus, Delta Rising and the Agents of Yesterday.

One of the best things about Star Trek Online is there is a free to play mode! So if you’re ready for war and adventure that is truly out of this world what are you waiting for? Live long and prosper!

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