Summoner’s War: Sky Arena Review

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Summoners War is a very popular turn-based massively multiplayer online game developed by Com2uS. In this game, you play a character called a Summoner who runs around collecting Scrolls that will give you the ability to summon monsters in combat. The different monsters range from levels 1 to 5 stars. The stronger monsters are much harder to find in loot versus the lower level monsters. For instance, if you’re trying to find a five-star monster your chances are much lower versus trying to find a scroll for a level 3 monster.

A lot of the action in this game takes place in the Cairos dungeons. You will spend most of your time farming for your loot in the dungeons that range in difficulty from Level 1 to level 10, with 10 being the most challenging. The monsters that you are able to summon come in five different elements which are light, wind, dark, water and fire. On top of this each of your monsters also belong to a unique class which directly affect their attack abilities, defense methods, hit points and more.

One of the main objectives of the game is to farm for runes and collect them.  With these runes, you are then able to upgrade your monsters which help to boost their stats. The runes come in different grades ranging from Level 1 to level 6 and a higher level runes provide better upgrades for your monsters. The downside to this though is that these more powerful runes will also cost your character more power to use versus using a lower level rune. Once you have enough runes you can also attach them to a monster to complete a set which will then give your monster an added hit point bonus or extra attack chance in combat.

Summoners War has an engaging main storyline that can be played solo or in a Cooperative multiplayer mode. There are also extra multiplayer game modes such as Arena and Rift of Worlds. In the arena multiplayer mode, you’re able to select four monsters which will compete against other players in battles. Upon winning a match you can earn points afterward to purchase items within the game. Win enough battles and your rank will also increase and even earn extra Rewards. Summoners War also has a guild system which gives members additional combat abilities as well as access to a unique guild reward shop. 

In Rift of Worlds Raid Mode, this consist of 3 player teams with each having a total of six monsters attacking against a three-headed boss. The positioning of your monsters is a large part of the strategy in Summoners War in helping to win the battles. If you successfully defeat the boss you can obtain special rewards including enchanted gems and grindstones. These power-up stones are used to boost a rune’s stats.

Summoners War has been so successful it has hit a top 10 rating in over 84 countries around the world and with over 50 million downloads this should speak for itself how great the game really is. If you’re looking for a new massively multiplayer online game to kill a lot of time then you may wanna give this gem: Summoners War: Sky Arena a try.

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