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War Thunder is a popular action MMO with a focus on vehicle combat and it’s available for Windows, the PlayStation 4, Android and Apple OS. War Thunder has made quite a showing and is coming in with a user rating of 9 out of 10 stars on Steam.

As a player, you have the option of playing 1 of 3 different types of combat vehicles ranging from tanks and aircraft to warships. There are over 800 individual types of units to control which makes the selection almost endless.

War Thunder takes place in most historical periods ranging from the Cold War and all the way back to the Spanish Civil War. There are several battle maps in War Thunder that are heavily influenced by historical real battles such as the Battle of Stalingrad for instance. These help to add an extra bit of realism to the game and add to the level of submersion.

You may find yourself fighting the cold war in one battle and then on the next invading the Isle of Britain as the Germans in a fictional but realistically planned Operation Sea Lion.

There are multiple modes of play to choose from in War Thunder. You can battle it out in the air flying many types of aircraft or if you choose you can participate in tank battles and fight alongside with other ground forces.

There is also an arcade battle mode where you will play on a team consisting of up to 16 players in a slugfest focused on the speed of action, along with a lessor realism factor combined with a simpler physics engine. If you are the type of player who is looking for quick gratification this is the gameplay mode most likely suited for you.

There is also a realistic battles mode and this is designed for players who want more of a challenge. This uses a more realistic simulated physics engine and in this mode, the game will take into account factors such as G-Force, which will cause Pilots to blackout, ammunition count where the player can run out and have to restock etc..

If that is not enough there is another mode for the hardcore tactical war gamer’s out there called simulator battles. This is the most realistic game mode War Thunder offers. When you control a vehicle, for instance, you will only have a first-person view in the cockpit as in real life and if you’re controlling a tank you will for example only be able to peep out of the tank scope or port window. The simulator battle mode also has what’s called real controls and you’ll have options such as controlling your airplane flaps and trim on your plane and much more.

There’s also a Cooperative mode called PVE, which is essentially the arcade game where the players will fight against computer-controlled opponents instead of other players.

With over 85,000 reviews on Steam and 4.5 out of 5 stars, War Thunder has been well received with most gamer’s and one of the best parts about this amazing action based war game is that is is free to play. There are upgrade options in the form of DLC which cost real money but to get into the basic game and play it is 100% free and that is a great deal!


Later down the line if you are looking for more options the DLC content offers upgrades such as premium airplanes, single-player campaigns, an additional account and a lot more. Steam also sells a War Thunder DLC pack for $30 which contains some nice in-game upgrades. There is also a ton of additional downloadable content for War Thunder and if you were to buy all of the DLC packs you’re looking up to a whopping $140 combined.

I would imagine you would really have to love this game to drop that kind of coin but at least to try and play the base game it’s free and that is hard to beat. So if you’re looking for exciting combined arms combat action simulator and love blowing stuff up with tanks planes then what are you waiting for?

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